Words, Words, Words.

Question. Are you even a parent if you haven't secretly thought, just stop friggin' talking, while your child is yammering on and on and on?

Look, I love my kids. I truly do. But they can use up an entire dictionary's worth of words by 8:00 a.m. I've caught myself nodded absently, gritting my teeth, or outright ignoring them while they prattle on about a dream they've had, or a video game they like. 

And I don't feel not one iota of guilt.

Along with being a mom, I also happen to be human. And a busy human at that. If I'm not working, I'm straightening up the house. If I'm not straightening up the house, I'm folding clothes. If I'm not folding clothes, I'm writing. If I'm not writing, I'm prepping a blog post... And on and on it goes, from he time I open my eyes until the time I pass out from exhaustion at the end of each day. Oh, and I also among to fit in family-time. And yes, that includes individual time for each daughter, as well as saving a scrap of every night for Frankie.

As you can imagine, my mind is always running on overdrive. I don't have the luxury to stop everything anytime one of my kids wants to share something with me. Sure, I do my best to listen. But sometimes a woman just gotta secretly think, for the love of all that's sane please stop talking. This doesn't make me an evil mom, or one who doesn't adore their kids right down to the very crumbs of them. It just means that there are times when my bran can't take in even one more word.

So, I ask you, have you ever had these moments, too?

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