The Almost Blog Post

I had a great blog post planned for Sunday, but given the week I had, I can barely string two thoughts together.

  • I finished the first of Infertility Sucks.
  • I signed up for online classes.
  • Tyler was home with a fever.
  • We had a nor'easter that played havoc with our internet.
  • Our little Jack had seizures.

It's been a full week, to say the least. The results of Jack's blood work came back today, and he has Lyme disease and anaplasma disease. Those are both caused by ticks, which he was infested with prior to us adopting him. He also has a UTI. So, today starts his 28-day medication.

Our daughters spent the majority of last week sick, with them also staying home today. Tomorrow, they'll be back to school. Thank goodness. My nerves are frayed.

They say NJ is set to get hit with more snow. Whee! I can't wait for that mess. I am so over winter. At the same time, I'm not ready for summer. I'm fat. Frankie and I were supposed to start going back to the gym, but thanks to the kids being sick, we postponed that much-needed kickstart.

There's always tomorrow - said the lady who just put brownies in the oven.

So, here is my almost blog post. See you all next week!


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