Nope to early Christmas shopping

Frankie and I learned a valuable lesson this year. Don't start Christmas shopping for the girls until December.

Tyler made her epic Christmas list in October. We got right on that. I spent days price comparing online, and when I'd found the best deals, I placed the order. Frankie and I were so proud of ourselves.

Yeah, not so fast...

Seven-year-olds change their minds.

A lot.

Tyler wanted a 'Littlest Pet Shop' Christmas. Don't know what that is? Neither did we until she explained how she wanted only Littlest Pet Shop toys. Heck yeah! We could absolutely do that for her. Amazon became my best friend. I was on there every night searching for just the right LPSs at just the right prices. Orders were made. Boxes had arrived. Items were checked off her list. Awesome...

...and then she changed her mind.

Wait, what?

In the span of one month to the next, she'd decided LPSs were for 'little kids', and since she's a 'big girl' now, she hopes Santa brings her Barbie dolls.

You've got to be kidding me.

You know what I did, right? I did what any lunatic mom would do. I boxed up all the Littlest Pet Shop toys and sent them back to Amazon - all while Frankie reminded me how much I'd wanted kids instead of tandem biking on some beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

And then there's Jesse. She's impossible to shop for because she doesn't ask for much, and what she did ask for is all so small, I can fit her entire list in a supermarket shopping bag. Beanie hats, markers and colored pencils (she's extremely into art), and earrings. She also price compared, you know, so we don't spend too much on her. Seriously. She did. And kept her list minimal to manage the cost of her gifts. I was both proud of her thoughtfulness and punched right in the gut over her concern.

So, we have Tyler the Mindchanger and Jesse the Frugal.

Next year, we're totally waiting until December to start shopping for them.