New Beginnings

In the spirit of establishing a separate identity for Life of A Suburban Misfit (as opposed to tying it in to work life), I’ve decided to give that blog its own online home. By separating my two personas, I can be a bit more…real…when it comes to truth-bombs about my domestic disasters.

And trust me, there are plenty of those.

Finding balance when it comes to a full-time career - even one that allows me to remain home to raise my daughters - and my personal life is challenging. It’s difficult for me to ‘unplug’ from work. It’s also pretty much impossible for me to not have my everyday awkwardness bleed into my professional world.

See, the thing is, I’m a mess. Someone who is always just left of center. And my family lives on an extremely tight budget. So, I figured it was best if I highlight my domestic misadventures and cheapie lifestyle here rather than on my author site.

And I do plan to seriously bring it. Healthy recipes made with no-frills groceries and real-world scenarios from the perspective of an ‘old-school’ and exhausted mom.

So, if you’re looking for writing tips and publishing perspectives, you’ll find them here. But, if you’re also a haggard mom who just wants to pee in private, please visit!