Migraines Made Me Want to Rip My Brain Out of Out My Skull

During my twenties, I'd get a weird...tingly...sensation on my scalp. Like, right where a ponytail sat. So, I stopped wearing ponytails. Guess what? The sensation continued. Eventually, I went to a general practitioner. He sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist assumed it was a reaction to something, and sent me on my way.

A few months ago, I started getting headaches. All. The. Time. Those headaches, after a few weeks, started to last 2 to 3 tortuous days. Obviously, this concerned me. Unfortunately, we'd lost our health insurance. Given the cost of a doctor visit, I forwent scheduling an exam. Instead, to help relieve the pain, I popped Excedrin Migraine like they were candy. I'm talking, I went through a bottle in to weeks - or less. By the time we were finally able to get health insurance, I'd gotten used to living with the headaches. But, they got much worse. To the point that the pain interfere with my every day life.

Whenever I'd get these crippling headaches, I'd take - no joke - 6 Excedrin pills; 6 - 8 Advil pills; 4 Aleve pills; 2 - 4 Benadryl pills. And I'd take this within a 24 hour period.

Apparently, all that over-the-counter stuff was also causing rebound headaches. But, when desperation kicks in, you'll do anything to help make the pain go away. In reality, I was actually making the headaches worse.

The pounding in my head would get so bad, I'd, literally, shake from head to foot. I'd get tunnel vision, with an aura surrounding my line of sight. I'd slur words. Get nauseous. My head would spin, and I'd lose my balance from he dizziness. Needless to say, I couldn't stay like that. But, with the kids in school, and work, and life's usual stresses, I shoved myself to the back-burner a bit longer. But, there were days when I wanted to, seriously rip my brain out of my skull just to make the pain stop. When I'd reached the limit of my pain tolerance, I coughed up the $60 for a specialist and took myself to a neurologist.

The diagnosis? Migraines

Oh, and that weird tingly scalp thing? Migraines without the pain. Imagine that! 

For the last five days, I've been taking 400mg of magnesium daily. If I feel an attack coming on, pop 25mg of sumatriptan. I also track my attacks on the Migraine Buddy app. So far, I've ended four of those five days with a headache. But, I have to admit, although the headaches are annoying and hurt, they aren't the skull-splitting kind I'd get prior to taking the daily magnesium. 

My doctor believes the migraines are caused by hormone shifts since I'm approached 45. Wheeee....growing old is so much fun. I have to schedule an MRI of my brain to see if the migraines are caused by neurological issues, and to also rule out a stroke. Just in case, You know?

If you also suffer from migraines, please share how you deal with them. I'd love some new ideas on how to continue living with these attacks.