May Is Over, Hello June!

This June is a bit different for me than many Junes that came before. I’m writing again. Tackling multiple projects. First, there’s my series The Chosen. It was First Fallen, but evolved over the last few weeks. I’ve scrapped, literally, everything I’d spent months writing. I’m okay with that because I know it was for the betterment of the story. I’m simultaneously writing AZAZEL as a novel and a script. I’m also in the middle of a super-secret project with my writing partner, Art. The story we are working on was years in the making…I just hadn’t know it at the time when I was first introduced to the person the story is about.

Art made me believe anything is possible. He’s one of those rare incredible people who is a true inspiration. He found me about two years ago, a decade after I wrote a script treatment.

A quick backstory on that treatment…

INFERTILITY SUCKS chronicles my quest to have children after being told I was infertile. It also tells how I suffered massive depression after Jesse was born, and my struggle to regain my sanity. It was during that depression when my father told me his friend needed someone to write a treatment. I had no idea what that was, and was told it’s a condensed story that’s used as a pitch, as well as a guide to what, eventually, becomes a script. Well, sure, I could write one of those. No problem. It took me three days to bang out that 40-page treatment about an actual person who lived a rather…unique…life. Writing that helped me escape my dangerous mental state. Not going to lie. Frankie and I also desperately needed the $1500 they paid me.

After they handed me the check, they warned me I had to destroy every shred of anything about the story—including the actual file. Terrified of legal blowback, I copied the Word doc to a CD and mailed it to the address they gave me. I then deleted everything, even going so far as to get rid of the notes I’d taken during a meeting with the person whom the story is based upon.

With that done, the treatment was out of sight and out of mind.

Ten years later, I was contacted by the receptionist at my job, who told me someone named Art Something-Or-Other wanted to talk with me. Assuming it was an author or agent looking for Lyrical Press, I Googled the name and almost came undone. For real. This wasn’t just some random person. The man looking for me was an actor. A famous actor. Moreover, he’s someone I’d been a fan of since, like, forever.

I honestly have no idea how I stayed calm during our first conversation. I admit, I, literally, screamed, “holy f***ing sh*t!,” after that Google search and immediately called Frankie to tell him. Damn right I was starstruck—and so friggin’ intimidated. Here I was, this nobody, and there Art was, this amazing someone.

Art found me when I was on the tail-end of a decade-long bout of writer’s block. My own writing career was short-lived and epically unsuccessful. When I look back on the years my Templar Vampire series was in print, I only see the things I’d done wrong—which, to be honest, was everything. I wrote those books to escape my frayed mental state. Back then, I was a new mom who’d undergone back-to-back cycles of IVF. Then, five months after Jesse was born, my brother was killed in a hit-and-run. I fell into an abyss of depression and turned my life into a giant sh*tshow.

After that first conversation with Art, I was revved up and ready to write again.

It didn’t take long for me to see the man behind the celebrity. Art went from being my friend, to becoming a vital member of my family. He inspires me to live every day with hope and wonder, and although I admit that’s a daily challenge, I do my best.

And that brings me to June. With May (finally) over, I’m loving this new month. Tyler’s class has so many fun activities happening during the final days of second grade. Jesse somehow grew up when I wasn’t looking and is graduating Middle School. Consider my mind blown that my first baby is preparing for High School.

While I solider on with AZAZEL, giving that story a much-needed overhaul, I’m also busy working with Art on our super-secret project. My days are full and wonderful, and I feel revitalized. I also have to admit I miss the feeling of being a published author. Yes, I have INFERTILITY SUCKS, but my first love is paranormal romance. I ache to finish AZAZEL and put his story out there into the world. For a writer, being published in the genre you love… There’s no equal feeling. And I miss that. I miss being part of that world I love so much. The readers. The authors. It’s a complete package of awesomeness, and I want to experience it as I am today. Healthy. Happy. I’m a different person than who I was back in 2006, when my first book hit the shelves. I’m a better person. It’s time to do things right.

Life is one giant possibility. I just have to be brave enough to take the leap to grasp the stars.

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