It's Release Day for Infertility Sucks!

It's here.


After months of toiling away at my computer, release day has arrived!

Head on over to Amazon, where Infertility Sucks is available exclusively until June 1st.  

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If it wasn't for my incredibly supportive family and friends, I'd have never written this book. I got really good at keeping my battle with infertility and depression a secret. So, to shine such a bright light on my fight took courage I didn't realize I had. I hope that if you've found my book and you're suffering as I did, that you know you're not alone. You are part of an army of sisters who are only an email away!

At twenty-one, I was diagnosed with infertility.
It took a decade to prove the doctors wrong.

At nineteen I suffered my first ovarian cyst. Two years later a doctor declared I’d never have children. After a decade of being dismissed as a hypochondriac, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, chronic ovarian cysts, a diseased Fallopian tube, and uterine polyps. My reproductive organs were a mess, and the constant pain was unbearable.

Too stubborn to give up, I became a woman on a mission.

Three surgeries and two cycles of in vitro fertilization later, we had our first daughter. A quickie while she was at school gave us our second.

Infertility Sucks is an honest peek into how I dealt with infertility, IVF, and the depression that followed.

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