How I Wrote A Book As A Work From Home Mom

From Mom to Mompreneur Series

When I told one of the editors I work with that I started a book, her first response was, "That's wonderful!". Her second sentence was, "where do you find the time?"

Good question.

Because my kids aren't exactly the active sorts, I steal hours in the wee morning and those precious moments while they both shower. We have two bathrooms. While Tyler is in the one off the living room, Jesse uses the one down the hall. This allows me about 30 minutes of uninterrupted completer time. During those minutes, I write so fast, my fingers hurt because once they get out, it's my turn to shower. Then Frankie goes in, and I write a bit more. Once he's out, it's husband and wife time, and nothing gets in the way of that. We wait all day for the two hours reserved just for us.

This routine allows me to work during the day for my full-time job (as Lyrical Press's Managing Director), tend to my daughters, get some writing in, and to spend time with Frankie once I've met all my daily obligations.

I never realized how time-regulated my schedule was until Michaela asked me that question and I actually gave the answer some thought. But, yeah, that's how I managed to write Infertility Sucks while being a work-at-home mom with a full-time career.

Unexpected Challenges

I hit a snag when I took on a 10-book cover art job. When I should have been editing Infertility Sucks, I got busy making the first 5 covers (I just sent in cover #6 to Annie Nicholas for a review!). I also accepted a formatting job from New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna. I love those ladies, so taking time out for them is a pleasure.

Then a few huge work projects came in and I used some of my writing time to tackle them. We all also got sick a few times in the months since I'd first started the book. And allergies. Omg, they knocked me on my ass a few times. 

Somehow, though, I found my balance. I never stole from the time reserved for work, my children, or my husband. It might have taken me longer than most to get the book written, but that's okay. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Contents Under Pressure

When I did hit a wall and got a bit lazy, I set a deadline. I work extremely well under pressure. So, I hoped on Amazon's KDP site and uploaded the first few - unedited - chapters of the book. I set the title up for pre-order with the stern vow not to move it to a later month. No matter what, I was going to get the book finished, and edited, by May 1st.

Only during the editing process did I steal from 'family time' in order to get the book completed. But, it was only one week's worth, so that's okay.

This morning, I'm proud to announce that I completed Infertility Sucks yesterday!

Whew! I came in way under deadline.

So, that's how I managed to write an entire book while juggling a job and family life. One word at a time in 30-minute intervals for six months.

And with that book done, I'm giving myself two weeks to decompress before I get started on Mommy Swears Because You Cry!

What about you? Are you working on any projects? How do you manage your time?