Celebrating Father's Day

As much as I focus on the less-than-glamours aspects of motherhood, I gotta admit that at the end of the day, I'm pretty much hailed as a goddess by Frankie and the girls. I'm the one they thanks for dinner - even if Frankie cooked the meal. We take the kids to see a movie? I get thanked for it even though Frankie and I both planned the outing. And on it goes, throughout our daily lives.

And forget Mother's Day. I'm spoiled for days by my husband and daughters.

So, one day a year, I love to spoil the crap out of Frankie.

I wish I could give him the world...or at the very least, a Hawaiian vacation. Or an expensive fishing pole. Or a day packed full of adventure. But, I can't. We're broke. What I can give him, is a day spent being loved and celebrated as the remarkable husband and father that he is.

To fathers everywhere, we thank you for being the killer of the bugs, the fixer of the broken toys, the checker to make sure there are no monsters under the bed, the carrier of heavy things, and the voice of reason when mommy has had enough and loses her shit.

Today, we celebrate all the funny and wonderful things that make fathers amazing!