A Domestic Disaster's Guide to Easter

I like holidays. I don't decorate for them, but I like them. I love spending the day with family. I love the food that comes with being Italian on Christmas and Easter. I even make homemade lasagna. I'm talking, I roll out handmade noodles rather than use store-bought pasta. But, that's where I draw the line.

We don't dress up.

We don't craft Pinterest-worthy decorations.

We don't bake cookies.

You won't see a single staged and filtered picture of my kids on Instagram tomorrow.

We're very chill about holidays, usually spending the day in pajamas. Or, if we're feeling fancy, we might don sweatpants paired with a nice tee shirt.

But, I'm proud of myself this year. I actually bought 'Easter Bunny' goodies early, as opposed to my usual last-minute scramble.

My kids don't get baskets. I hate waste, and those things are the ultimate tossed aside holiday item. Instead, I make two neat piles on the coffee table with personalized notes from E. Bunny so they know which pile of goodies is theirs.

I do, however, make big holiday breakfasts. Eggs, bacon, french toast, pancakes...the works. (And that reminds me, I forgot to buy pancake mix. Guess who's running out to the store later...)

Tyler is a holiday kid. She absolutely adores all things festive, So, because of her, I have to add a little extra to the day. This year, Frankie bought her stick-ons for the window that read "spring". It has little chicks and a rainbow. There. Holiday decorations are complete. I'm dead serious. That's how this hot mess mom does a holiday. They're very relaxed. Very laid-back.

This year, I went the extra mile. The Easter Bunny is bringing the girls small gifts. Headphones for Tyler, because if I have to listen to one more annoying YouTuber, I'm going to lose my sh*t. Jesse is getting a Bluetooth. See what I did there?  I actually coordinated their gifts. I should totally get extra points for that.

Oh! And I bought Tyler pink stretchy pants and a white shirt. That's the extent of dressing up.

Of course, tomorrow morning, Frankie and I will do a mad-dash to hide the eggs while Tyler brushes her teeth because we'll totally forget to hide them tonight. That's pretty much a guarantee.

And if you think I'm exaggerating my lazy approach to holidays... Behold. This is what happens when the Easter Bunny waits until the last second to wrap gifts and didn't remember to buy scotch tape.



So, how do you do Easter? Are you an Instagram mom or do you do holidays hot mess style?