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I work full-time for Kensington Publishing, Corp. As Managing Director of Lyrical Press, my job includes print and digital interior composition for the line's titles for authors such as Kate ClaybornLynne Connolly, Mary Feliz, USA Today bestselling author Desiree Holt, Shona HuskLeo J, Maloney, bestselling author David McCalebJ.T. PattenUSA Today bestselling author Ella QuinnRick Reed, Kendall Talbot, plus many (many) more!

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I've worn many hats in my decade+ in publishing. I began as an author an 2006. A leap forward landed me in the art department, where I created covers for a handful of boutique publishers. In December 2007, Frankie and I launched Lyrical Press. On January 2, 2014, the company changed hands and became part of Kensington Publishing Corp. I remained with Lyrical, where I currently work as the line’s Managing Director.

What do I do there? A bit of everything. I have a hand in moving the line along, working with incredibly talented authors and editors - many of who are, literally, living legends and NYT bestsellers. 

There's also a good chance I formatted the Lyrical book you're currently reading.