With independent publishing the new normal, as well as agents and publishers demanding a high standard of author editing, I've created a basic guide that addresses the most common writing errors.

  • Filler words

  • Dialogue structure

  • Passive writing

  • The serial comma

  • And much more!

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  • Media Kits

  • Website Design

  • Print & Digital Interior Book Design

  • Limited Digital/Print Cover Design

Clients include:

I work full-time for Kensington Publishing, Corp. as Managing Director of Lyrical Press. My job includes print and digital interior composition for the line's titles, which include authors Kate ClaybornLynne Connolly, Mary Feliz, USA Today bestselling author Desiree Holt, Shona HuskLeo J, Maloney, bestselling author David McCalebJ.T. PattenUSA Today bestselling author Ella QuinnRick Reed, Kendall Talbot, plus many (many) more!

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I've worn many hats in my decade+ years in publishing. I began as an author. A leap forward landed me in the art department, where I created covers for a handful of small publishers. In December 2007, Frankie and I launched our own house. We owned, and operated, Lyrical Press until January 2, 2014. On that day, the company changed hands and became a line with Kensington Publishing Corp. There I stayed, where I currently work behind the scenes as Lyrical's Managing Director.

What do I do there? A bit of everything. I have a hand in moving the line along, working with incredibly talented authors and editors who are, literally, living legends. 

There's also a good chance I formatted the Lyrical book you're reading.

My insider's view gave me the rare opportunity to see, firsthand, that whether an author is seasoned, or if they are new to publishing, we all make the same common mistakes. This brings me to On Authoring. I hope that sharing simple solutions to the common, but annoying, writing pitfalls will help my fellow authors to hone their craft.

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