Who Am I?

Once upon a time, I was an author turned publisher. Now I work behind the scenes for Kensington Publishing Corp. I’m also a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, and an exhausted woman. Three years into parenthood, I saved my sanity when I embraced being a domestic disaster. My husband and I are more Morticia and Gomez than Rebecca and Jack. Our thirteen year old is a grunge goddess bookworm. Our eight-year-old's favorite hobby is wearing all of her clothes in a single day. And after a decade-long bout of writer's block, I'm back to work as an author. But, at the end of the day I’m just an average suburban misfit doing my best not to raise a**holes.

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I was twenty-one when a doctor told me I'd never have children. Challenge accepted. It wasn't easy, and I lived with chronic pain for nearly a decade, but I finally proved him wrong. During my years of infertility, I became part of a wonderful community of women who, like me, were fighting the same battle. Without my 'sisters', I would not have had the strength to get through those difficult days. I wrote Infertility Sucks for my fellow warriors. Along the way I've learned that it's okay to cry...as long as you also remember to laugh.

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