Once upon a time, I was an author turned publisher. Now I work behind the scenes for Kensington Publishing Corp. I’m also a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Three years into parenthood, I saved my sanity (literally) when I embraced being a domestic disaster. My husband and I are more Morticia and Gomez than Rebecca and Jack. Our fourteen year old is a grunge goddess of a bookworm. Our nine-year-old's favorite hobby is wearing all of her clothes in a single day. After a ten-year bout of writer’s block, I'm busy writing again. But, at the end of the day I’m just an average suburban misfit doing my best not to raise a**holes.

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why I wrote Infertility Sucks.

I was twenty-one when a doctor told me I'd never have children. Challenge accepted. It wasn't easy, and I lived with chronic pain for nearly a decade, but I finally proved him wrong. During my years of infertility, I became part of a wonderful community of women who, like me, were fighting the same battle. Without my 'sisters', I would not have had the strength to get through those difficult days. I wrote Infertility Sucks for my fellow warriors, and along the way learned that it's okay to cry...as long as you also remember to laugh.


I think it’s adorable Frankie is making a growly face…and smushing my eyeball because we can’t not touch heads when we pose for a picture.